Service Bureau

You have a computer, software, scanner and a lot of time invested in a document. But for some reason the type and art/photos don't look as good as you want. The problem is not your computer, software, scanner and a lot of time invested, it's your printer! You need access to a high resolution imagesetter to create a publication grade negative or positive ready to print. McDougal Design charges only .12385¢ per square inch of document size. That is only $12.00 per 8.5" x 11" page. Take imageset art to any printer and they can reproduce a finished piece that you will be proud of. When your ready to create your finished art save it as an .eps or .pdf file and send that file to the e-mail address below as an attachment. If your document is a color document e-mail a message to us and we'll give you a call to work out the details for color document submission. Include billing and shipping instructions in your message. We do have volume discounts, please send us details on your project ad we will call you to discuss options.